Thursday, July 12, 2012

2012 WWPFG Conference Part 1

We drove east after coming out from the Niagara Falls. It took about 2 hours to get to our destination – Waterloo. There are trees lining the highway. It was green everywhere. Highway in the eastern part of US are not free like in the west.
We arrived around 3 in the afternoon. Doug said that he needed to rest. OK. He droved almost all the way from Toronto. I went out collecting wild flowers.
Queen Anne’s Lace is wild here!
Many friends arrived as I have pressed a little bit. It was so exciting to see everyone!
Dinner was held in Holiday Inn. The hotel has done a good job with the settings.
I have known Liming (left) before the WWPFG formed. She was a member of my Yahoo group. We met at the LA Flower wholesale district when she came from NY to see her relatives.
Heather lives in Bahamas. Her cousin is a member of my Yahoo group too. It was her cousin introduced pressed flower to Heather. She joined the guild.
John is the Pressed Flower Guild’s president Denise’s husband. I met him last year in UK.
Micki is the guild’s newsletter editor. She has been the chair for Philadelphia Flower Show Pressed plant competition for 2 years.
Officially kicked off the conference. Barbara (left) the planning committee chair announced the kick-off. She introduced the host – Betty (center) and Jacki (right) – the board’s chair.
Actually, the conference is casual. Everyone felt comfortable and excited.
The new website is being worked by Lisa and a professional developer. It is still work-in-progress. I am still maintaining and enhancing the old site. I designed and developed the conference section with online registration and online payment. The guild recognized our work and gave us gifts.
Everyone participated in gifts exchange.
The Pressed Flower Guild’s president Denise。
Liming, Micki,me (Kate),Ruth,Heather.
Partial members: Dorothy, Pat B., Loretta, Micki, Pat, Liming, me (Kate), Heather, Ruth, Jacki, Lisa, Betty, Linda, Salley, Mila。


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